In the News: PT Leader covers the Deep Squeeze fundraising success

Good News

Photo by Stephanie Davey
Photo by Stephanie Davey
Reporter Stephanie Davey of the PT Leader was there at the Port Townsend food bank when we handed the PT Food Bank manager Shirley Moss a check for $1000 and about 200 lbs of food on the Tuesday after the festival weekend. A very satisfying moment!

Read the short article.

One small correction to the article. The Jefferson County food Bank Association can buy food at 4 cents a pound. Yep. You read that correctly. So our contribution actually means they can buy 25,000 lbs with that $1000 check. Squeeze that!

A Resounding Success

Thanks to everyone who helped make the 1st annual PT Deep Squeeze a resounding success!

Thanks to the talented musicians who performed over the three days.

Thanks to our generous sponsors.

Thanks to our volunteers who worked tirelessly in the auction, raffle and merchandise booth.

Thanks to Frank Samuelson for his illustration for the poster and men’s t-shirt.

Thanks Daniel Fiorito for his illustration which is becoming our official logo.

And thanks to the many folks who attended the festival, enjoyed the music, danced and dug deeply into their pockets to help us raise money for the Jefferson County Foodbank Association.

Because of all of your participation and support, this morning we were able to deliver a check for $1000 and about 200 lbs. of canned and dry food to Port Townsend food bank manager, Shirley Moss. The funds will be shared with the entire Jefferson County Food Bank association.

This donation equals 25,000 lbs. of food! Yes, you read that right. 25,000 lbs. The food bank is able to purchase food through Food Lifeline for .04¢ a lb. which is why this all-volunteer organization particularly appreciates receiving cash.

We are touched, inspired and heartened.

See you next year!

Maggie & Paul


Win a Castle Accordion! PT Deep Sqz Raffle

Thanks to Petosa Accordions in Seattle for donating a beautiful vintage Castle Accordion to help us raise funds for the Port Townsend Food Bank.

Castle Accordion
41 keys / 120 bass buttons
Made in Italy
Value: 895.00

$10.00 raffle ticket buys you a chance of winning this beauty. The more you buy, the greater your chances!

2nd and 3rd place raffle winners receive a fun pack of CDs featuring the music of the PT Deep Squeeze performers.

Winners announced on Sunday at Pope Marin Plaza at 3pm


Squeeze-In on Pope Marine Plaza

Pull out your accordions, dust off your ensemble chops and join us on the Pope Marine Plaza Sunday September 4th at around 3:10pm. We’ll play two tunes:
Beer Barrel Polka in C and Miserlou in D

Don’t be shy! It is super fun to play in a big group. In fact, the bigger the better so tell your friends.

Here is sheet music for Miserlou:

We’ve got a Line-up!

Three days of fantastic shows.


A happy hour followed by a concert/dance party at the Pourhouse
No Cover. Silent Auction to benefit the PT Food Bank.

4:00 – The Alternators
5:15 – Jamie Maschler
6:30 – the Mad Maggies
8:05 – Silent Auction ends. Winners announced.
8:15 – Those Darn Accordions (TDA)



Early happy hour followed by a concert/dance party with a Grand Finale at the Pourhouse
No Cover. Silent Auction to benefit the PT Food Bank.

3:00 – Vickie Townsend
4:00 – Tangoheart
6:30 – Those Darn Accordions (TDA)
8:05 – Silent Auction ends. Winners announced.
8:15 – the Mad Maggies
9:30 – Grand Finale – Those Darn Accordions (TDA) and the Unexpected Brass Band join the Mad Maggies



Free. All ages concert at Pope Marine Plaza
621 Water St, Port Townsend.
Featuring the PT Deep Squeeze “Squeeze-In” – a mass gathering of accordionists.
All accordionists welcome to join in. We’ll play two tunes. Tune charts/sheet music will be available here soon so you can prepare.

1:00 – Duo Finelli
1:20 – Those Darn Accordions (TDA)
2:40 – Duo Finelli
3:00 – Raffle Drawing
3:10 – Squeeze-In Bring an accordion and join us for a mass accordion perfomance.
3:30 – the Mad Maggies

Setting a New Festival in Motion

We are excited about bringing a new musical event to Port Townsend. We are in the early stages or organizing, enticing sponsors, and involving the community.

We are are offering several ways that you can show your support and be part of this first ever annual event! Check out our sponsorship packages.

The 1st annual PT Deep Squeeze Poster Design Contest starts May 2nd. More details on the contest announcement page.

And we have excellent musicians lined-up. It is all very exciting!

john l scott