Thanks to everyone who helped make the 1st annual PT Deep Squeeze a resounding success!

Thanks to the talented musicians who performed over the three days.

Thanks to our generous sponsors.

Thanks to our volunteers who worked tirelessly in the auction, raffle and merchandise booth.

Thanks to Frank Samuelson for his illustration for the poster and men’s t-shirt.

Thanks Daniel Fiorito for his illustration which is becoming our official logo.

And thanks to the many folks who attended the festival, enjoyed the music, danced and dug deeply into their pockets to help us raise money for the Jefferson County Foodbank Association.

Because of all of your participation and support, this morning we were able to deliver a check for $1000 and about 200 lbs. of canned and dry food to Port Townsend food bank manager, Shirley Moss. The funds will be shared with the entire Jefferson County Food Bank association.

This donation equals 25,000 lbs. of food! Yes, you read that right. 25,000 lbs. The food bank is able to purchase food through Food Lifeline for .04¢ a lb. which is why this all-volunteer organization particularly appreciates receiving cash.

We are touched, inspired and heartened.

See you next year!

Maggie & Paul


A Resounding Success